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By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and Third by experience, which is the bitterest.


Monday, December 29, 2008

Of Packaged and Customized

Want to buy a PC?

The Pros and Cons of Packaged PCs


Great for basic use


It may not fit its purpose
Expensive upgrade
Not recommended for gaming or multimedia use

Pros and Cons of Customized PCs


Built for maximum satisfaction
No individual upgrading needed
Great for gaming and multimedia use


Familiarity with specs is highly needed
Manual Labor/"Combine" it yourself (Although there are some shops who offer a helping hand)
More expensive

So which PC are you? Packaged? Or Customized?

Buying PCs

And so you think you know a thing or two about buying personal computers, laptops, and notebooks.

Well, here are some personal tips.

First, you should figure out why you're buying a personal computer or a laptop/notebook. The reason why consumers waste so much money and so much time, not to mention so much energy in moving to and fro, from one shop to another, is that they do not know why they are buying the PC for. 

One reason would be for basic use: typing, documenting, printing (Simply put, the Microsoft Office type). These consumers mostly use the Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and maybe basic internet - surfing, researching, chatting.

Another reason would be for gaming use. Now, there are also different categories as to gaming: basic, moderate, and extreme.

And maybe another reason would be for multimedia use. Again, there are also different categories as to multimedia: music and video editing, photoshop, animation, etc...
Identifying a specific reason will save you money, time and energy. And it won't give you as much of a headache, too.

Second, after identfying the reason why you are buying a PC/laptop/notebook, you need to survey/canvass the prices offered by different shops. You need to know where you could buy the same "part" or package at a cheaper price. Who ever said that buying a PC/laptop/notebook was easy?

Third, identify the product, the brand, and the specs. Know how to weigh in and balance your budget and the package's quality. A cheaper package does not always mean it's better. You might end up replacing a "part" in less than a few months.

And oh, don't forget about the warranty. That is my fourth, and so far, my last tip. Note how long the warranty would last, and what type of warranty it is. There are those who only offer a service warranty, but would not replace the "broken part". And there are also those who do. Be careful to read the fine print. READ THE FINE PRINT.

Don't worry. I'll send in detailed tips on which products and brands you could buy and which you should buy. There's a difference.

Photoshop. Color edit.

This photo is a first.

Edited hair color. Edited eye color.

Obviously photoshopped.

2 layers (same picture).

Only upper layer edited.

Eyes used with quick mask.

Upper layer opacity is 50%.

Basic brush. Size is 9 px. Hardness is 50%.

Simply "color" the "part" with whatever you like.

Save it.

You have your edited pic.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Shadow (An Original)

Awakened by cries deep in the night, I rushed to the window to find out what was going on. There I saw a shadow, creeping through the streets. It was crying in pain, in agony. I called out to it to find out what was the trouble. I was answered by silence. By a gush of wind, the mysterious shadow disappeared. I tried going back to sleep, but the incident still raqn through my mind.

Suddenly, I heard a burst of euphoria. Laughter? I'm sure I heard laughter from somewhere. I listened intently. I wondered where it was coming from. My heartbeat raised. I opened my window again, and there it was. The shadow. Laughing. Laughing? What was so funny? 

"I thought you were in pain."
"I am laughing because I am in pain. Why aren't you laughing along with me?"

After a few hours gazing at the figure, I realized that it only glided along the dark side of the streets.

"Why don't you show your face to me?"


"Why do you like it so much in the dark?"
"I am afraid of the light."
"Why so?"
"It is so cruel."
"Why would you dismiss such beauty with such hate? Are you mad?"
"It's mocking me. Isn't it mocking you? It shows itself, shining brightly through the vast heavens.The birds sing a joyous melody. What heavenly bliss..."
"What then?"
"What then? What then?! Just when you're about to enjoy the dawning of the new day, a new hope from despair...it hides itself among the dark clouds. At first only raindrops fall. And just when you thought it was all over, the storm rages in on you. It gathers into a disaster taking away innocent lives, those who only wanted to enjoy the rebirth of the sun. You know...have a picnic with your wife, play football with your son...But the...the sun...oh...it kept on teasing us...the storm broke loose...it took everything...nothing was left...everyone...UNTIL NO ONE WAS LEFT..."
"No one, except you. Now I understand."
"You don't understand! You would never understand. Could you imagine what it's like to be alone, with no one around to hold you, or comfort you? Could you imagine what's it's like to be stripped away with every special thing and being that made you happy? Answer me! Could you?!"


"You said it all. Life's all a game for that BALL OF HELL!!!"

I felt trickling coldness rushing through my veins. The shadow flew near my window, and rushed through me. The shadow, enraged, stood in front of me. Slowly, it consumed me.

"Why do you keep on asking me these questions? Why don't you know how I feel? You're supposed to know!!! Why do you keep on mocking me?! Tell me!!!"

And then, I fainted.

The next day, I woke up still lying on the floor.

"Was it all a dream?"

I shivered. A cold sweat broke. I looked around and realized, there was not one window in my walled room. I stood affixed to one corner though.

There was really nothing in there, except for a broken mirror.

A bloody broken mirror.

Let it... (An Original)

Let actions speak
Let words listen
Let emotions perceive
In the midst of silence

Let the mind feel
What the heart thinks
Let truth admit
The lie it brings

Let the waters run dry
Let the rainfall shine
Let no one seek
What true love finds

Let love lead the way
Let love be left behind
To guide us, to catch us
To make us see when we are blind

Let love think
Let love feel
Let love break
Let love heal
Let love laugh
Let love cry
Let love live
Let love die

Friday, December 26, 2008

The Irony of Love (an Original)

Love bears in it
The strangest of things

It is compared to those which are not
When in itself is incomparable

In its stillness
It brings out its raging fury

In its silence
It makes itself known

In its truthfulness
It begets lies and self-projection

In its sanity
It creates euphoric feelings of Utopia

In seclusion 
It hides what is being revealed

In its existence
It ceases to become what it is by becoming more

In its essence
It is but a mutual feeling between two worlds

In its being
It is love and only love itself

How foolish for mortals to overthink complexities
For something so simple as the feeling of being in love

Wrong Tile

On December 25, 2006, approximately 2 years ago, an afternoon perhaps, we went to Cathedral for a Thanksgiving prayer. Prayer? Ok, whatever. As a non-believer, I never really took it seriously.

While inside, i observed the tilings on the floor. As an observer and half-baked perfectionist, I quickly noticed that something was really wrong. In the whole entire room (I was in the Prayer Room, people), there was only one, and only one tile that was geometrically inept - out of place. It had to be rotated 270 degrees for it to be like all the other "good tiles".

Out of all the places that I could have located myself in the near-empty room, I was there. The wrong tile was literally in front of me. My eyes stood affixed to the floor...to the tile. It is my personal belief that everything happens for a reason, and that the whole universe conspired with such "coincidence". I felt it had a deeper meaning.

I know I sound weird and all, but I have to admit that I had always been weird, reflecting on such a silly, minute thing such as a mispositioned tile, but I just couldn't help myself. I'm an overly-dramatic reflective type 4 (Enneagram).

That moment simply dumbfounded me. I realized that it was my life that was in front of me. I was the wrong tile. 

As weird as I have told you I am, I looked up and said, "Well, I know where You're going with this. It's been 2 miracles since I last turned my back on you. My life has turned a full straight line. Now, I'm on the fence, as I You might have known. I can go either way, you know. Give me one more 3rd miracle, then I'd decide."

Weird! I was talking to myself. Even weirder, I had that 3rd miracle a year ago. That miracle was my Philosophy 25 class (Philosophy of Religion), where I had only attended less than 5 meetings, missed ALL of my major and minor exams, and NO requirements whatsoever, and I still managed to pull off a B-. How? That's a miracle. 

Still, I do believe that though I had only attended class a few times, I had learned more than enough wisdom to last me a lifetime. There are 3 steps into achieving Faith. Religion, which was what I was given. Atheism, which was when I stopped believing. and Faith, which is what I have right now.

Unlike every one I know, this Faith I have for a Greater Being is unbounded and undefined. It is not the same "God" people who are stuck with Religion, or skipped to "Faith" have. It is far more Greater and Powerful.

I am glad I took the wrong tile seriously. It actually changed my whole life.

Now, I believe that in this rational world, there is no such thing as a coincidence. Every single thing has its reasons. One just simple needs to understand what these Omens (the Alchemist) are.